Signs of Wisconsin

My favorite of all the signs I saw in Hayward. “I love you Grandpa Bob” by Charlie


Sign in the window at Sophie’s Dog Bakery and Boutique in Downtown Hayward:  “Pet Parking – Leave Your Pet Here While You Shop Locally.”  How sweet is that??


Also at Sophie’s Dog Bakery and Boutique:  “Attention All Dogs – If you see something you like, just pee on it.  Then Mom and Dad will have to buy it for you.”  Haha!  We should have this sign.  True story – If pets pee on toys, we wash them and use them for the boarding pets to play with.IMG_1510Sign at Northwoods Craft and Variety in Downtown Hayward – “Work hard and be nice.”
IMG_1516Sign at Walmart in Hayward – “We are proud to say that customers have had a safe shopping experience for 2 days.”

“Caution:  Contents Hot.”  Great ice cream made on site at West Dairy in Downtown Hayward.


Cow-Shaped Cheese!  In Wisconsin!  Awesome.

Sign in the River Deck Restaurant at Lumberjack Village – “Think deeply; Speak gently; Love much; Laugh a lot; Work hard; Give freely and be kind.”

IMG_1841Hayward Wisconsin, we like how you think.

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