The Church Garden

I’ve gotta throw in a pet picture here soon, or you’ll think I’ve moved on from veterinary stuff to gardens and books and stuff.  I haven’t.  I love it all!

For today, here are some pictures of our little garden plot in the community garden at Westwood Church.  We are letting a lot of things go to seed this year at home and at church in an attempt to eventually have self-sustaining gardens.  Except for Bright Lights Swiss Chard.  I don’t know how to do that one.  We’ll probably always buy a packet of those awesome little seeds.  Anyways, because we are letting a lot go to seed, this week the garden looks a bit scroungy.  Here are some pictures of right before that!


Radish and pea flowers


Close up of the radish flowers – we are growing three kinds of radish seeds.


Radish and pea plants with carrots next to them.


The whole plot.


The whole plot after the spinach started going crazy!


This is a box near ours – I thought their tulips were beautiful!

On a related note…gardening…I found the most amazing site.  We were at Karlie Knoepfler’s high school graduation sitting with some of our favorite Finches, Burton and Anita.  (Our other favorites are us, our family, gold – Iowa state bird! and Gouldian.)

ANYWAYS you know how there are some people you pray for and hope are doing well and kind of lose track of but hear now and then they might not be doing well and then you worry?  Oh, well sometimes that happens to me.

ANYWAYS, Burton Finch said that Andy Williams, who Russ and I volunteered for when he was the youth pastor at Westwood Church and his family have a farm, and Burton sent me a link to their website, and it is AWESOME.

Urbanna Farm

A normal blogger would have said something straight-forward like, “since this is a post about gardens, here is a neat garden-related link.”  I tried, I really did.  Andy, I am glad you and your family are well, I will miss your Mom at Westwood and your family farm is amazing!

Thank you Burton!

See full size image

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