Kar Sim After Hours

As the hospital was closing and the weekend was starting, a driver from Kar Sim – a wonderful group that among other things handles after death pet care for many of the veterinary hospitals in Omaha – was on his way to the hospital to pick up a deceased patient.  I did not want the pet – though he was no longer with us – alone at the hospital through the weekend.  Kar Sim is on our way home, so I called them to say that we would come by there.  They were still staying open for us, but at least they could be done with pick ups for the day.

We drove our truck up a long, winding road.  Buildings got fewer and farther between and then disappeared all together.  The pavement ended, and a bumpy dirt road began.  The sky grew darker.  Garden gnomes and raccoon statues stared at us from the side of the road.  We came to a sign that said – I am not making this up – “Dead End.”

Up the hill and around the corner was a small building.  Inside sat a young man on a stool behind a counter reading The Dark Tower:  The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King.  On the counter was a huge, gorgeous (live) orange cat.  Urns filled the shelves against the back wall.  The shelves reached the ceiling.  Norman looked up from his book and smiled a calm, kind smile.

Kar Sims Cat

He set his book on the counter and came outside to help us with the patient.  Back inside, I petted the cat and stared wide eyed at Norman – quite rudely I am sure – while he and Russ chatted about the Dark Tower series.

As we drove down the hill on our way home, I asked Russ if we could come back some night to photograph the gnomes and raccoons.  He said no.

It is one of my best memories as a vet.

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