CVC 2013

This year’s Central Veterinary Conference was very fun.  Last year, Russ and Amanda and Abby travelled to Kansas City with me.  This year they did again, and LOTS of coworkers came too, which I loved.  I also saw other friends and colleagues, including the dvm360 crew.


The Finches – CVC 2013.  Abby (middle) wanted me to take this picture quickly because they were standing in front of a “No Loitering” sign. I said if they were standing in front of it, they would probably not get caught, but she was still nervous.

I chose continuing education sessions based on which speakers I really wanted to hear.  The only subject-based session I chose was “Turtles” (because, turtles!), and it was as great as the rest.

I sat in on all of Dr. Andy Roark’s sessions which were exceptional.

I finally got to hear talks by Dr. Tilley, the renowned veterinary cardiologist and author, also exceptional.

I am still the only associate chick on the Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board, which is kind of neat.  Not the  only associate, and not the only chick, thank goodness – I sat with all of the women from the dvm360 team at the advisory board meeting – I just love that group.  I did feel as though I ought to speak up more than last year, so I did.

I said that if as a young adult I had known practice owners who loved their positions as practice owners and were financially successful, like the practice owners on the board and the practice owner at Gentle Doctor where I work now, I would have taken a harder look at owning a practice.

I love being an associate – a non-owner veterinarian – and I know I am where I am supposed to be career-wise, but my reasons for getting here were probably faulty.  Eh, whose aren’t?  Still happy with where I landed.

This upcoming year with Veterinary Economics, I will try to represent female associates…and females…and associates…well in what I write and say.

Well, now that I write that, I realize that is A LOT of pressure, and if I try to represent whole groups, I will of course <mess> it up.

So instead I will just do what I always do – write random stuff and publish (here) or submit (there) what I think is worth sharing.  You can take any of it that seems helpful, and together we will see where this year takes us as the veterinary field moves forward with more and more women, fewer and fewer would-be owners, larger new vet debt, more new vets, and as always, an incredible, unique, awesome profession filled with wonderful animals and wonderful people.

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On the Web…

I have enjoyed reading about Jana Rade’s new Rottie puppy, Cookie, on her always awesome website, Dawg Business.

Dr. Rebecca Tudor, veterinary surgeon, posted my review of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, The Thank You Economy, as a guest post on her great website, CatalystVETS.  Thank you Dr. Tudor!

Coming soon…

Pictures from CVC

Pictures from our visit to Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center

More random thoughts…

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