Timely Wisdom from Dad

Inspired by the recommendation of Scott Belsky in the book Making Ideas Happen, I decided to organize the information in ALL of my notebooks. So yesterday I did.

I found this note:


“Every once in a while, you have the opportunity to do the right thing when it really matters.” -Dad 9/12/11

On September 12, 2011, I had quit my previous job and had neither been offered nor accepted my current job at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospitals. Being between AND content is not really my thing. But I knew I was making the right decisions and that everything would be OK. I knew I was in the middle of something big, and I had no idea what it was or how things would turn out. Thank you Dad.


It’s been a really good two years, you guys.

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  1. Aunt Jeannine says:

    You are blessed with one awesome Dad.
    And, fortunately, he happens to be my awesome brother!
    I love you.
    F.Aunt Jeannine

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