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Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Are you having a good season?

We got to spend Christmas Eve with our Jones-Finch family and Christmas Day with our Nelson family.  My brother Bill and my Sister-I-Love Cara and their two boys – Charlie who is four and Henry who is three months and I JUST met! – were in town, so YES, I am having a very good season.


Abby, Joy and the Purple Tree

The last year and a half has been challenging as I try to balance working full time with being home with my daughters.

The last two months has been rough as I have been soul searching through career issues.

The last five days have tried (and failed) to KILL me with a cold.  Well, that’s a little dramatic.  No one has ever died of a cold.  I know, because when I was supposed to be out with friends last night to see Shelly who is in town and instead I was in bed not dying, I asked Russ.  He says no one ever died of a cold.  This cold IS a JERK though.  It made me miss part of Christmas, a night out with high school friends (we stopped by long enough to share the germs!  I love you guys!), and last night.  But now I feel a little better.  Russ is probably right.

And now it is the end of the holiday season (almost) and the beginning of a new year (almost), and things look very good from here.

What I’ve Been Up To…

Here is a news story on Cancer in Pets that I was in…

Cancer in Pets

Thank you to Maureen Wurtz from Fox 42 News for including me in this project!  And thank you to Jana Rade of Dawg Business for including me in all the fun projects!  Maureen found me on YOUR site, Jana!

Speaking of Jana and fun projects, here is the latest article on Jana’s site that she included me in…

Veterinarians Answer:  Do You Often Have Difficulty Getting Clients to Believe Their Dog is in Pain?

I wrote THIS on competition in the veterinary field for Veterinary Economics…

Start Complimenting Other Veterinarians in Your Community

Most of my writing energy has been poured into work projects – Facebook, Twitter and the Christmas Party Slide Show!  These have all been very fun!  I want to do it ALL, so I am trying to write here more too…we will see how I do!

What to expect from the Riley and James blog in 2014…

A New Year’s Resolution post – I LOVE New Year’s Resolutions!

A Pet Blogger’s Challenge post – fourth year!  This is a fun one.

More book reviews.

(Isn’t this blog about pets?  Yes.)

More garden posts.

More erratic, sporatic posts.  I am trying to write on a schedule you guys.  I would rather write like this than not at all, so until I get that balance thing down (haha!) this is what I’ve got.  I love that you are still here!

Back to the basics.  My brother Dave convinced me to start this in 2006 to help pet lovers with the basics of wellness care.  This year I have seen THREE parvo cases (THREE!  I had only seen TWO before this, and they were littermates in my first year of practice!) and my first for sure distemper case.  One of the parvo “cases” was my favorite (6 way tie you guys!) nephew’s dog Tidus, so that hit really close to home, and another was a pup who did not survive – a whole different set of awful emotions.  If we are Facebook friends (and if not, why not?), my most recent post is about raising money to help that family with their pup’s medical bills.

The distemper “case” Wrigley is a Joy the Puppy look alike who I almost accidently adopted.  I think she deserves her own post!  More on Wrigley in the New Year!

So I thought it would be good to go over all the boring preventative stuff I love some more.  You will find the distemper case SO interesting.  Everything I learned on VIN (Veterinary Information Network) was posts from older vets – so many of the younger vets (including me, and I am not young!) have never even seen distemper.  We spend our days in and out of appointments vaccinating against it, but we forget (actually have often never experienced) what a horrendous disease it is.  SPOILER – Wrigley is doing great, and is in the best home imaginable – no, not ours!

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!  Happy New Year!

May 2014 be filled with blessings of every kind for you and your family!