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Busting Bad Guys – 5 Stars!

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Busting Bad Guys

My True Crime Stories of Bookies, Drug Dealers and Ladies of the Night


Mark Langan

Five Stars!


My Dad introduced me to Mark Langan several years ago at his Rotary Club meeting at the Nebraska Humane Society because Dad knew Mark was a personal hero of mine.  I’ve since been fortunate to meet Mark’s very kind wife and their wonderful dog Laci, and I make sure to say “hi” to Mark whenever I see him at Nebraska Humane Society events.

In my mind, this tough but kind former cop had personally climbed the front porch stairs of every dog fighting scum bag in Omaha and surrounding areas, pulling the bad guys out of the houses and tossing them to waiting cops, then taking his team of equally tough humane society officers into the dark basements of those houses, tucking a Pit Bull under each arm and emerging into the sunlight, rescuing all of the fighting dogs and bait dogs there were until the crime of dog fighting – along with all of the “partner” crimes that go with it – drug dealing, illegal gambling and the like – were just an embarrassing, horrible memory in our community, and all of the rescued dogs were safe in living rooms across Omaha.


I do not know if that is exactly what happened – probably not since I made it up, but – I do know dog fighting is much less common around here – not because bad guys became good, but because Mark Langan led the Nebraska Humane Society – Omaha Police teamwork that ended the horrible practice of dog fighting – not only here in Omaha but also helping shut down a dog fighting ring that spanned much of the country.

So I made up HOW it happened, but I promise you, Mark is that cool.  The book Busting Bad Guys covers the time span BEFORE Mark was Vice President for Field Operations for the Nebraska Humane Society, the twenty-six years he was a cop and detective serving Omaha.

The stories are rough – heartbreaking – shocking and will have you cheering for the good guys every time.

I was impressed but not surprised by the respect Mark showed every person with whom he interacted – even the worst our city had to offer.

I loved the book.  I loved the inside look at the Omaha Police Department.  I loved learning more about the man I already respect so much.

Dr. Bashara bought a copy of the book for each of the three hospital locations.  Thank you Dr. Bashara!  I snagged one, Nicole snagged another, and there is a waiting list within my family for a book I have to return tomorrow…(Don’t tell Dad and Russ).  Looks like I will be buying a few books as well.

If I have not relayed the story of Mark’s time since joining Nebraska Humane Society in completely accurate detail, perhaps there should be a second book?

I would read that.

Thank you Mark for this great book.  Thank you most of all for your incredible career(s) of service to our great city.

Busting Bad Guys Website

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