This Month, August 2014

This has been a very busy month. This has been a very busy 3 years. I have not written as much as I would have liked.

Here is what is in my head that I will hopefully write more about soon…

My Grandpa had ALS.

I LOVE the Ice Bucket Challenge.

My good friend Allison and I did the Ice Bucket Challenge together. It was cold. And fun.

Abby turned 12.

I am just emerging from a pretty dark season of depression that lasted most of the summer.

CVC – Central Veterinary Conference – in Kansas City just ended. It was very fun.

This is the best garden we’ve ever had.

I still miss Ernie Dog.

My brother Dave’s and sister-I-love Sara’s cat Abaye passed away also, and that was very sad. He was a great cat.

dvm360 had their website redone. I will be transitioning all of my blog posts from there to here soon.

I doubt that is all, but that is what I can remember! I thought I would check in and say “hello.”

Until we meet again, here is a video that includes a section Brendan Howard and Troy Van Horn put together on my thoughts on coloring books. The REST of the video is IMPORTANT information on including pets in the Ice Bucket Challenge and pets and toxicity with Dr. Justine Lee and chicken care. My part is more coloring oriented. If you are five, you will like it.

dvm360 video

After videotaping the interview, Troy said, “Wow, that was some hard-hitting journalism, Brendan.” Haha! I love it! I had a very good time at CVC with ALL of you.

See full size image

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