My daughter might be straight.

I have two wonderful, beautiful, smart and talented daughters. I fear the younger of the two may be straight. She is not interested in girls (or boys) yet, as far as I know, and has not confided in me about this subject. If she is heterosexual, she is not yet out of the closet.

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Although this would override her wonder, her beauty, her intellegence and her talent, I will of course continue to be her Mom and to love her as best I can.

I could never celebrate her heterosexuality, but I am almost certain I could tolerate it.

I have not fit this possibility into my faith yet, and am unsure how I will do so. God Himself must be wringing his hands, because although He is a big God, and He has created my daughters and knows the past, present and future, I am quite sure He has not thought through this possibility, that my daughter may be attracted to boys, and may one day – may it never be – fall in love with and want to marry a man. How would creation, heaven and earth and salvation continue by God’s plan if this happens?

I almost hope that when the time comes, she does not share her heterosexuality with me. It would probably be more than I could handle, and if she is considerate, she will spare me the best she can. Perhaps I will not ask, and she will not tell.

Thank God my other daughter is gay!

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And…just kidding of course. Except for the first and the last sentence. And…I love these two young women more than life itself!! I am so proud of each of them for who they are and who they are becoming.

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