Puppy Mills Suck

Late last year, Hearts United for Animals put THIS billboard over Tully’s Kennels for a bit. I did not get a picture, so I was thrilled when they put it back up a half mile from Tully’s.

Hearts United for Animals is in Auburn Nebraska, and though I have no official connection with them, I am boldly saying, as a pet lover and a Nebraskan, I am so very proud of them and the work they do!

Finch - HUA

I love a good breeder as much as the next puppy lover. Good breeders, of course, do not sell their pups to pet stores.

If you have a dog from a source you are not proud of, be happy they are out of that situation and in your loving home. Our exciting challenge from this day forward I believe is to end puppy mills. A huge attitude shift will be needed in order to achieve this. We will need to consider the generation before our pets. Let’s work to make sure our pets’ parents have as wonderful a life as their offspring do. Let’s work to end puppy mills.


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