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Happiness is a Blank Canvas

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Luna Lovegood has been a blessing.


Luna Lovegood has been a pain in the butt.


She almost always potties outside! It has been a slow, slow tip from inside to outside.


She almost always plays with her teeth appropriately closed into her cute little undershot mouth. Abby taught her to “give nice kisses” when she goes into shark mode. She almost always remembers.


When someone in the house is sick or sad, she rushes to that person and instead of head butting like she might normally do when you are well and happy, she screaches to a stop right in front of you, collapses into a cuddle against you and gives nice kisses until you cannot help but feel better.

She is a great puppy.


She is also a great canvas.

We have a new rule, “Do not draw on Luna unless you ask Mom first.”

Here is all of the (approved) art (so far), well, the art that has been photographed!


Luna Lovegood as her Good Friend Harry Potter


Rainbow Puppy!



Waiting for Dad


See full size image







Amanda and Her Rainbow Hair

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Here is the promised post on Amanda and her rainbow hair!

This past summer, my good friend and the Finch family hairstylist, Janet Shulenberger of Running with Scissors was a very good sport and gave Amanda the rainbow hairstyle she wanted.

FIRST she made sure it was okay with Russ and me – it was.

Then she learned how to do it – it had not been requested before – weird!

Then she spent almost FOUR HOURS with Amanda making her hair amazing.

If you need a hairstylist, even for a “normal” trim or hairstyle, remember what Janet is capable of – I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Color Selection


Beautiful Before Picture


Clipping All the Curls Up


Clipping All the Curls Off!






Scotch Tape Stripes


The Haircut


Red Stripe


Orange Stripe


Yellow Stripe


Green Stripe




Pink Top








(Permission to give away all their secrets in this post was kindly granted by Janet AND Amanda!)

I have written a lot about my family, more so in recent years. When Amanda and Abby were younger, it felt safer to write about our pets, not our young children, so I was a bit overprotective. And this is a pet blog after all!

However, you know I love getting off topic as much as I love staying on topic!

Also, it feels as though this truth about our family is a truth being played out in society overall, and could use more discussion: My child is gay.

Amanda told us she was gay the summer before this.

I am so very proud of her.

I always have been proud. I could tell you a thousand things about Amanda that I knew before this.

This is the first thing about Amanda I thought may bring her judgement. And indeed it has.

Mostly though, the revealation of her homosexuality has brought her pride – from her friends, from her family, from her aquaintances two and three degrees out.

It has brought her a stronger sense of self.

It has brought her compassion, leadership opportunities, vision.

Watch this kid. Watch her sister. They are going places, and Russ and I could not be more proud of the women they are becoming.

Great Strategies to Publish Far more Persuasively

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Great Approaches to Write Additional Persuasively

There?ll be situations if you have to carry out it formally – for example, if you?re boosting cash for a fantastic lead to so you require some information in your JustGiving website page. A lot more generally, there?ll be periods when you need to have to be persuasive without it seeming too evident – for example, in masking letters, or even inside of a last-ditch ?I haven?t finished my essay but remember to do not make me are unsuccessful this class? e mail to a professor at college. In possibly scenario, making an excellent position of the persuasive creating is significant.

But it is also challenging. You really do not choose to go overboard and begin sounding like a fifties door-to-door salesman placing about the challenging market. You also never need to undersell the subject a lot that your viewers doesn?t close up persuaded. And there are a multitude of cliches in persuasive creating (?you just will not consider the things they did!? ?Nothing may be far more evident!? ?Eight out of 10 cats like Whiskas!?) that happen to be also greatest avoided. Here?s a look at some transferable persuasive composing tactics that can have your viewers gained round in your point of view very quickly.