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Our Garden Plot at Westwood Church Community Garden

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

In the spring of 2012, Westwood Church started a community garden.  It is among my favorite things in the whole wide world.

Russ put a Square Foot garden grid and a small trellis on our plot.  I planted seeds and plants and took pictures.  Then I planted more seeds and plants.  And took more pictures.  And rearranged.  And took more pictures.

We had a huge delicious bowl of lemon basil pesto pasta, some wonderful beets and a few onions.  Otherwise, we just admired how beautiful the plants were.  And, you know, took pictures.

We met several gardeners from the surrounding neighborhoods who came to garden with us, gardeners from our own church family we had not known before, or not known well, and one very kind man walking his dogs who came to see the garden and ended up meeting the wonderful family that is Westwood Church.  I imagine there are thirty sets of such stories from thirty gardening families…just perhaps none who found themselves in quite as obsessive of a plant-photograph-rearrange cycle as I did.

So while the only tangible things I have to share this year are pictures, I do believe Westwood’s community garden was a beautiful, understated, resounding, incredible success.

Here are my pictures…

The Stuff that Russ Built

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Russ is my husband, and he is a really good carpenter.  Here are some things that he has built.  I think they are pretty. It is fun when my cases and his projects intersect, like when a dog patient needs a fence, or a kitty patient needs a scratching post, or an arthritic patient needs a ramp or stairs.

If you would like Russ to build you a thing, call him at 402-218-3472.

This is the roof of my parents’ gazebo. I think it is as pretty from the inside as it is from the outside.

This is the deck Russ built for our friends Dawn and Cory. Dawn traded Russ for piano lessons for our girls, so everyone won!

This kid is so cute! He kept asking “Whatcha doing Russell?” His Mom took this picture of him watching Russ build their pergola.

Here are before and after pictures of Dr. McIlnay’s deck. Dr. McIlnay is Omaha’s veterinary ophthalmologist.

Another friend’s new deck. Building decks is Russ’ favorite. I think they always turn out so pretty! Notice the giant dog sized ramp on the left side of the deck for one of my favorite patients ever, Moby.

My parents’ gazebo – my favorite place in the world!

Maybe the Wheelers have trash like normal folks, and maybe they just have a beautiful gated fence!

This is at Russ’ parents’ cabin near Valley, Nebraska. Isn’t the lake beautiful?? Russ built the deck and the “kid-sized” picnic table.

Access ramp at our church. TONS of kids tromp up and down this all week, so it has to be safe!

Double Decker Deck!

It is so peaceful on Mom and Dad’s deck. This was one of Russ’ first projects in Omaha, which he did with a very nice carpenter named Tom.

Russ built this teepee so I could grow Morning Glories and Runner Beans. It also served as a good tea party headquarters when the girls were younger :)

Russ has built me 300-and-counting 1 foot squares for our Square Foot Garden and the fence behind it…

…And Three Squares for Max!

Russ built the fence around our church community garden and the Square Foot grid and teepee on our plot. God grew the plants :)

Russ’ parents dogs safe behind their new fence!

This is a picture of Joy the Puppy on Day One over three years ago! She STILL loves to help Russ build stuff!

See? Here is Joy the Puppy RIGHT NOW with Russ at his parents’ neighbor’s home, building a fence for HIS Lab puppy!

Those are some of my favorite pictures of the things Russ has built.  He does free estimates and also does interior work.  I know this is early to mention, but he and Joy want you to know…They are not afraid of snow!  If he is building your deck or fence in a snowstorm, do not worry – I will bring him hot chocolate!

Thank you friends and family who have supported Russ in his new full time construction business.  We thought it would be a scary step to go out “on our own” but because of you it has been very fun and rewarding!

To ALL of our friends and family and all my awesome readers, please call Russ if you have projects you would like him to help you with.  He is ALWAYS available to advise, will ALWAYS give free estimates, and if it is a project he does not do, he ALWAYS knows the best person for the job.

Russell Finch Construction


More Great Pictures on Facebook…

Russell Finch Construction Fan Page 

Nebraska Humane Society Walk for the Animals 2012

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Bailey the Goldendoodle Puppy

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Bailey is our five month old cousin.  She is visiting for the weekend.  She is super cute.  Evidence exhibits 1-12 :)




And today…


















See full size image

We had a very fun weekend with you Bailey Girl! Come back any time!

Happy Memorial Day and…Squirrel!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Happy Memorial Day to you and your families.

THANK YOU to the men and women of the United States military who have kept and continue to keep us safe and protect our country. Thank you Dad and Dad-Finch.  Thank you Grandpa Rasmussen and Grandpa Everingham.


View Down Our Street Where Flags are Lined Up Three Times a Year

I love our neighborhood.  Reason #93 (or so :)) – The neighbors who have lived here since the homes were built in the mid 1940’s put a small flag out for every neighbor who wants one every Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veteran’s Day.

This year, Russ and I helped.  We also put a flag in the yard of the new bike shop on the corner to say, “Happy Memorial Day.  We are so glad you are here and hope you feel like a part of the neighborhood.”  The shop owner drove by and waved, which I think meant, “That is exactly what I thought you meant, and thank you.”

Here are some pictures from the week…


Robins' Nest that Abby Found at the Park Near My Work

Baby Gizmo - Puppy at Our Neighbors' Movie Party - Doesn't she look like Joy??

Tucker Dog at Movie Night

Oscar Dog at Movie Night

Baby Gizmo and Tucker Dog are new friends.  Oscar Dog and I are old friends.  His family is Jeff and Lu and their son and their cat – five of my very favorites in the whole world.  Oscar and Henny Penny Cat are also patients, something, surprisingly, they have never held against me.

Squirrel! Black Squirrel playing on our fence

I commented from the Aksarben Farmers’ Market yesterday that if I can focus on the babies or dogs in a crowd, I can relax.  Otherwise, I get antsy, and I need to be at the edge of a crowd if possible.  Vernon asked if I have a social anxiety disorder, and I said I probably do, though it has never been formally diagnosed.  I do okay though.

On a related note, Lu laughed that all of my pictures from Movie Night were of the dogs.  But I otherwise acted Almost Normal.  I love people!  Just more than a few strangers at a time gets overwhelming!  I spent much of the evening talking with a friend of Lu’s who raises African Tortoises (How cool is that??) and also Gizmo’s Mom, who it turns out, loves super cute black Lab Something puppies as much as I do.

Pictures from Work…

These pictures are from the @GentleDoctor120 twitter account. Dr. Bashara let me start it for the team, and it is very fun.  Because Dr. Krapfl and Angie are also involved, there is helpful medical information in the twitter stream as well!

This is Trudy, the Super Cute doggy of my coworker Koni

This is on the white board at work.  Every day we add things and every day we change the border.  Fun!

Positivity Corner

Here are a few pictures from my parents’ backyard. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful??

Everything I know about fish medicine, I learned from helping Dad with this pond

This is what Mom and Dad do when they find out a ground hog is living under the shed. You see why I am the way I am?? They named him "G" which Dad and I both find hilarious.

This is the view that would be lost if the field behind Mom and Dad's is developed, which may occur soon. To the right of the picture is my high school Millard North.

Websites I am Reading this Week…

I Miss You When I Blink

Thank you Dr. Roark!

The Bloggess

Dr. Grumpy in the House

Veterinarians Behaving Badly

New Games I Have Found…

Logo Quiz

(Thank you African Tortoise Farmer!)

Draw Something

How sweet is Russ? :)

I would have added you to my Draw Something group if I knew how.  I think I am “Finch93” if you would like to play with me.  It is super fun!

Happy Memorial Day!

Nice to Meet You!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011


ntmy :)

See full size image

Dr. Becker, Teresa, Gina, McKenzie, Rebecca, Dan, Simon the Cat and friends and Council Bluffs PetCo team, it was so nice to meet you all!  And Dr. Backlund, it was very nice to see you!  We had a very fun afternoon.


Joy the Puppy and me :)

2010 Nebraska Humane Society Walk for the Animals

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Phil the Puppy – ready for the Walk!

The 2010 Nebraska Humane Society Walk for the Animals was a very fun event!  The Family Finch Dog Pack consisted of Russ, Jodi, Erika Workman (an honorary Finch) and me and our kids and dogs:  ours-Ebony the Lab Mix, Noodle the Poodle and Joy the Puppy…and Phil!, Jodi’s-Taco the Belgian Malinois and Erika’s-Bella the Long-Haired Chihuahua.

We saw tons of gorgeous dogs and between us could identify all but one by breed (a BEAUTIFUL huge Great Dane shaped dog with tan and dark brown Mastiff-like markings).  We saw lots of friends and pet companies and rescue groups we love…

♥ ♥ ♥ Good to see you! ♥ ♥ ♥


Pug Partners of Nebraska

Little White Dog Rescue

Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue

Nebraska Border Collie Rescue

Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska

Three Dog Bakery

Oxbow Animal Health

Hayneedle Pets

Last we heard, Nebraska Humane Society was very close to meeting their fund-raising goals for the day.  That will help so many pets!!  Thank you SO MUCH for supporting Family Finch and the Nebraska Humane Society!

Grown-ups Left to Right:  me, Erika (with Bella), Russ, Jodi, the other dogs:  Ebony, Joy, Phil (in the carrier!), Noodle, Taco


Joy, Ebony and Noodle in a calm moment

The Beautiful Bella Workman

Gorgeous Taco Dog

Ebony and Phil chat before the walk

And we’re off!  A beautiful walk around the outskirts of the Nebraska Humane Society campus

2010 Nebraska Humane Society Walk for the Animals – Coming Soon!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

In one month from today, we are taking all three dogs on the Nebraska Humane Society 2010 Walk for the Animals.  I think it will be a very fun time!

All proceeds raised go to support the dogs and cats (and little guys!) of Nebraska Humane Society.  I think they should label the corner behind the cats “Miscellaneous” as a joke, but maybe some people would not get the joke and then it would not be a good label.  That’s where all the non-dog and cat pets are.  I LOVE that corner!!  In just the past few months, they have had super cute newborn fuzzy white bunnies, painted turtles, ferrets, rats, gerbils, budgies and even a cockatiel.

ANYWAYS, Russ and Jodi and I are all attempting to raise money for the Nebraska Humane Society.  You don’t even have to bet on whether I will finish the mile or number of laps or anything.  You can pledge a set amount…or just wish us well (which is free!)

Here’s my link! Here is the link for Family Finch (Jodi, Russ and me)

If your business would like to become a corporate sponsor, here is the link…I have read through the list of sponsors, you would be in the company of awesomes!

Sponsor Donations

Dog-Friendly Places in Omaha

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Maybe with a bit of encouragement, all of Omaha will begin to shift to a dog-welcoming atmosphere.  How fun would that be?  If you know of dog-friendly businesses or events, let me know and I will add them.  If you OWN a dog-friendly business, let me know and I will add it and also say, I think you are awesome.

Check out this site that I LOVE – Go Pet Friendly – and thank you guys for allowing me to link to your site!  My little blog post here will have Omaha-specific information as I collect it.  Go Pet Friendly has country-wide information, including pet-friendly hotels!  Very fun site to visit, even if you do not happen to be heading out the door with your pup!

Also check out Fido Factor – They also have helpful information on pet-friendly places!  Pretty soon we will be able to walk in about anywhere with our pups!

Omaha Pet-Friendly Places…

Pumpkin Patch at 120th and Military – inexpensive pumpkins and very dog friendly!  Support your local farmers!  October 14, 2010 *Just in time for Halloween!* Thanks Alicia!

Hefflinger Dog Park

PetSmart – 6 area locations


Outdoor concerts at Shadow Lake Towne Center

Jazz on the Green concerts at Midtown Crossing

Bookworm Bookstore 88th and Pacific

Canfield’s Sporting Goods 84th and Center – They may even take your dog’s picture and hang it on their wall!

Trocadéro “Lifestyle and Accessories Emporium” – Old Market

Underwood Hill’s Presbyterian Church – This church in Dundee has special services to which pets are invited.  I was reminded of this great program recently when I saw a fellow grocery shopper with a Underwood Hill’s T-shirt with paw prints on it.

Subway in the Old Market (outdoor seating)

Upstream in the Old Market (outdoor seating)

La Buvette in the Old Market (outdoor seating)

Farmer’s Markets – Old Market (Saturdays), Aksarben (Sundays)

Come to think of it…The Old Market and the surrounding areas have amazing dog walking and hanging out areas.

McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe 302 South 38th Street (outdoor seating)

Trovato’s Italian Restaurant – Dundee (outdoor seating)

Chipolte Mexican Grill (outdoor seating)

Goldberg’s – Dundee (outdoor seating)

Nebraska Humane Society – in designated areas

QC  Supply in Elkhorn – went there today (Sept. 27, 2010) with Noodle the Poodle, LOVE this store!!

Old Chicago – beer garden at Old Chicago of 76th and Cass – I will find out about other locations!  It will be fun to support this one – I love their food (and drinks!)

Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios – 50th and Dodge

Call a business or restaurant ahead if you are unsure if they welcome pets!  Even if they say “no” you will get them thinking!


Some stores will make exceptions if your pet is cute enough. Russ and I would always walk to Blockbuster’s in Littleton Colorado.  I would stay outside with our dog Benji while Russ went in to get our movie.  One time, the manager came out to the parking lot to pet Benji and said, “You can bring him in if you want to.”  I always did from then on, and we rented movies there more than ever to say “thank you” to that kind manager.  It is a very good memory now over ten years later.

OK, this one is not official, so don’t go bringing your dog in to Sam and Louie’s just because you brought him on errands and didn’t think through how hot it is out!  But I DO want you to support Sam and Louie’s, specifically the one near 72nd and L Street!  I went there with my friend Erika, and we overheard a guy at the bar saying he was just going to get a drink or two while his dog waited in the car.

Both of us have dog-loving qualities that are about one hundred times stronger than our introversion (which is a pretty strong trait in both of us!)  ANYWAYS, the manager there ended up relenting to our pleas (so we let go of his ankles and stood up), and Ray Charles, the very cute, very blind, very brachycephalic Boston Terrier got to sit under his owner’s feet at the bar instead of in the hot car with the windows up during the lunch hour.  Thank you Very Nice Sam and Louie’s manager. Because I no longer get my movies at the Littleton Blockbuster’s, I will transfer all of my love for the Blockbuster’s manager to you and express it by buying your pizzas and sandwiches as often as possible.

Thank you to Alicia Weiland, Jen Howell, Jess Kamish and Russ Finch for help with the initial info gathering.  You are three of my favorite women and my absolute favorite guy.

Walking Around Omaha, October 2009

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Omaha, After Psalm 122

We stand as a city united under cialis canadian pharmacy God,

Omaha with her incredible diversityand blend of unique personalities.

We are compassionate.

We are creative.

We are hard workers.

Add the power of God Himself, and amazing things occur.

God is at work everywhere on every level.

He is directing the path of the believer and drawing the unbeliever to Himself.

Great things are happening.

Greater things are brewing.

If you love Omaha, pray for her.

Pray for the violence to end.

Pray for our neighbors to be housed and fed.

Pray for a loving home for each pet.

Pray for healed marriages and families….for met ends….for a family for every conceived child,

…and that each would be loved throughout their lives.

Pray that God’s amazing works would continue until darkness can find no corner of Omaha left in which to hide and must flee.

Peace be to Omaha.