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What I am Reading This Week: Introverts in the Church

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

I have been thinking it would be fun to start a What I am Reading This Week thread in addition to What I am Doing This Week. I will continue with these random post threads (, What I am Tweeting, What I am Walking Past…) until you say “Really?  Do we need to know everything??”  And then I will insert a picture of a baby Angora bunny, and you will forgive me, and let me continue.

Sophia Rose, cute bunny of Stephanie Voss

When I thought about starting a “What I am Reading” thread, I thought I would talk about JAVMA and text books, and interesting dog behavior books, and then I ran across THIS book, and I do not want you to miss it!!

So let this be a great start to what will hopefully be a year of me very often curled up in the corner with three dogs and a cat on my lap, chocolate coffee on the table next to me and a great book in my hand.  As I close each book and think through how my perspective has changed or widened, you will always be the first to know.  So far, it has been an extraordinary year!

Introverts in the Church

Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture


Adam S. McHugh

I will come back to this post soon and tell you why I loved this book so much.  For now, know that whether you are a part of the Church or not, whether you are introverted or extroverted, you stand to gain so much by reading this book.  Which is not to say, if you have the same graph in your head that I now do, that you need to read it twice.  However, I plan on doing just that.

Update:  December 3, 2010

In Janurary of this year, I said that I would come back to my very first “What I am Reading This Week” post and expand on it.  I had just read the excellent book Introverts in the Church by Adam McHugh.

Right after I finished the book, I met the author online, and I was so excited!  I told him how much I loved his book, and when he asked me to review it, I wrote a post about it here on Riley and James.  I asked if he wanted to write Introverts in the Veterinary Field.  He did not.  I said that I might.

He asked me why his cat’s radiographs cost so freaking much, and I said that I did not know.  Actually, he never said “freaking.”  Some Christians do not like substitute swear words.  I do not know if he does or not.  I love them.

Anyways, I was tempted to tell him how much an abdominal study in a human radiology department would cost if one of us had gastrointestinal issues, but I do not actually know how much an abdominal study would cost for a person.  I assume, that as with pets, it would depend on the case.  I do know it would cost many times more than what it cost for his cat.  I confirmed with him that his cat is now healthy.  (He never did say what was ailing his kitty.)

Adam McHugh later “unfollowed” me on twitter, which, silly as it is, is kind of mean.  *sigh*   I probably will not read Introverts in the Church a second time, as (crazy alert ahead) I am sad that he unfollowed me on twitter, and I am sad that he seemed to just be “one more person” griping about the high cost of veterinary medicine.  I have such an incredible group of clients, and we have gotten so good at communicating with each other (my clients and I) that I am not used to dealing with that as much as I used to.   I still enjoyed meeting the author of such a great book, and I still highly recommend it.