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Blogathon 2010 – Izzie Rat

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

My Smallest Epileptic Patient Ever…Also One of The Very Cutest…

OK, she doesn’t look like my smallest epileptic patient ever in this picture.  I didn’t want you to miss her cuteness in a Very Small Picture.  This is Izzie Rat.  She belonged to Leda Frost and Jeremy Coffey.  She was my rat-in-law, thrice removed, and one of my favorite rats ever.

She developed a seizure disorder after a course of antibiotics that I prescribed.  She most likely did not have true idiopathic epilepsy, as I strongly suspect it was secondary to the medication.  She did very well for several months on very (very) small doses of anti-seizure medication.

Thank you for letting me share her with everyone Leda and Jeremy.  And thank you for trusting me with your wonderful little rats.  I love them all very much.

Clicking here will bring you to the webpage with information about Bradyn and an opportunity to donate towards the training of his service dog from 4 Paws for Ability. ♥