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That’s Why They Call Them Angels, I Suppose

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I am SO EXCITED (that I am up at 4 am) to report that their grant was accepted!  Banfield Charitable Trust will DONATE $15,000 to take care of the pets in the NHS Guardian Angel Foster program!! YAY!  Banfield has so many cool aspects to the company.  And I love NHS too.

Here is the story I told when Banfield Charitable Trust asked me if Nebraska Humane Society lined up with the goals of Banfield…true story…”My Pet Nurse” in the story is Jeni Snyder. :)  “The Nebraska Humane Society veterinarian” is Dr. Amber Horn.  My “Good Client Who was also a NHS Officer” is named Jennifer.  She has since moved to Florida. :(  I do not know the name of the foster family that took care of Zoo Kitten…That’s why they call them angels, I suppose…

“Two years ago, my daughters and I were driving to the zoo when we passed a very small kitten curled up and apparently sleeping on a yellow “dash” in the middle of the road.  I did a U-turn and snatched the kitten up by her scruff so she wouldn’t get hit.  When I got her into the car, I realized she had already been hit, and was bleeding from her nose.

We took her across town to Banfield, and my pet nurse and I examined and stabilized her.  I called a good client who was also a Nebraska Humane Society officer.  She was on duty and raced over to get the kitten.

I said, “Will you let me know how she does, and if she gets adopted?”  Now I realize what a huge favor I was asking—over 12,000 cats go through NHS a year!  With a few vets and a limited staff, and with some pretty severe injuries, Zoo Kitten probably should not have even gotten a second glance!

Two weeks later, one of the doctors at the Nebraska Humane Society called me.  Zoo Kitten had recovered from her injuries and was treated for an upper respiratory infection, fostered until she was old enough to be adopted, and had been adopted into a great home.

So I can tell you I love their foster program for the thousands of people (foster volunteers and adoptive families) and thousands of pets it helps, which I do, but really I love them just as much for saving Zoo Kitten, and caring enough to keep track of her and let me know she did well.

My “Mom lectures” about the intrinsic value of a pet, even one without a home, may not be remembered, but the experience of being a part of the Banfield/Humane Society team that rallied around a stray kitten has become a part of who my daughters are.

Multiply that one experience by the number of foster homes that have children in them, and the effect of such a program seems huge.  We, as a community, are raising Omaha kids to value pets.  A huge part of that is the Guardian Angel Foster Program.”


I told you 2009 was going to be great……I took Amanda and Abby to the zoo the next week…they were very good sports about it! :)

Here is a write-up on the website of Banfield Charitable Trust…

And here is a picture of the beautiful plaque Nebraska Humane Society put on their lobby wall to say THANK YOU to Banfield Charitable Trust: