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I Got a Job…

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

With all that has happened this month career-wise, I figured I would be a blog post writing fool. So many stories! I think I know a big part of the reason why I am not…

I am so overwhelmed! And when I am overwhelmed, I stand in the corner of the room and drink Diet Coke and process. When I am less overwhelmed, I write. And when I am totally comfortable, I interact in Real Life almost like a Normal Person.

So, as I start to regroup and write about things other than and Stuff Before September, I will fill you in a little now and later.

I am happy, excited, nervous, and still a bit overwhelmed. Everyone at Gentle Doctor has been really kind and really patient. Friends and Family, including Former Teammates I Love and Friends at Nebraska Humane Society have been super supportive. I can hardly believe I get to be a part of the Gentle Doctor team, but I know it is going to be great.

Wow, when I leave the drama out, it makes for a short post! I will go draw you a cartoon with my Sharpies to try to sum up my emotions and add it here at the end.

I hope to be back to Interacting in Real Life Almost like a Normal Person by sometime next week and will probably be taking appointments then! You can call Gentle Doctor and ask…they are super nice! :)

See full size image

Do you want a post about the logistics of switching veterinary hospitals? I really appreciate you and your family and your pets supporting me over all these years and changes and if you would like to come with me, I do not want it to be any more of a pain in the neck than needed! Mom said I should add a specific post about switching veterinary hospitals, and except for a short period in early adolescence, I have always done what Mom says to do, which has always turned out to be very wise.