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What I Am Doing This Week: Regrouping and Admiring the Cuteness of Joy the Puppy

Monday, March 8th, 2010

This week I am looking back at my Riley and James posts and realizing that I have not posted an actual original, informative newsletter since October 3, 2010!  And you are still here!  Thank you!  I will try to be more intentional about the exotic pets series that I started with Taking Care of Your Guinea Pig.

Here is my lame excuse/exciting happenings this winter…I have been writing for several other sites and publications, which has been very rewarding.  I am going to list them in the next posting, so you can look through them if you would like, but also so I can keep track of all of them, and what I am supposed to be working on now!

Till I have something of more substance to say, here is a picture of Joy the Puppy on the day we adopted her, January 30, 2009…

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