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Words that are Hard to Spell

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

In general, I cannot spell well in English.  English spelling is ridiculous.  I can spell medical words fairly well because they are usually just obnoxiously compounded Greek and Latin descriptions of medical things.

Dalmatian has never been difficult for me to spell.  I have always thought the third “A” looks nice with spots.  That is the best I can explain that.

Basset, as in Basset Hound, is almost impossible for me to spell.  In fact, I looked it up just now to tell you that.  There is a city in Nebraska and there was a furniture store in Omaha, and of course there is the incredibly awesome dog breed.  Those three need to get together with each other and anyone with the last name of Basset or Bassett and agree on one spelling.  For me.

I need to get all my stupid thoughts out here on Riley and James because at the beginning of the New Year I am helping to develop the online stuff for Gentle Doctor, and it probably needs to be more focused and a bit more serious.

If I start a weekly hospital blog, will you read it sometimes and come discuss stuff with me?

As always, here on my personal blog, you get stuff like my thoughts on how cool I think the word Dalmatian is, which, though less important than medical issues, is something about which I feel just as strongly.  Thank you for being here.  I think you are awesome.