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You Say It’s Your Birthday…

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Happy Birthday Sal!  Happy Birthday Rhonda!  Happy Birthday A.C.!


Anyone else?  February 4?  Best day of the whole year?

cake that Rhonda’s niece and our co-worker Abby Vadnais made, 2009

Last year on my birthday, I posted fun links to songs and veterinary posts I love. I think that is an excellent tradition.  And “Second Annual” always sounds more legitimate than “First Annual.”  So…

Second Annual Riley and James February 4 is Awesome Day

Happy Birthday Friends!  May you be spoiled to just this side of rotten as I always am by my wonderful family, and may this be the best birthday in your whole life so far.

And everyone else…my birthday is awesome because of you.  To say THANK YOU…here are some fun links…

Cat Herding

This video is still hilarious!

They Might Be Giants – Older

My favorite “birthday” song!  The cartoon version is gone.  *sniff*  Puppets scare me, except Muppets, which, of course, are awesome.  I will ONLY watch other puppets if they are associated with TMBG and singing a TMBG song.

*3/21/11 update – I just found the “official” TMBG video and put that in the link.  Trying to be careful about that sort of thing.  I would be embarrassed if TMBG showed up at my door and arrested me for linking to an unauthorized video…but then I would get to meet them.

Prolific Studios


…and finally, a super cute picture of a piglet with a heart spot…Oh yeah!  I’ve got more where that came from!  I will post the rest of my favorites for Valentine’s Day!

I realize this entire post is bold, centered and in difficult-to-read colors.  Imagine that you took me out for a birthday dinner to one of those restaurants with crayons in glasses – Now move my water glass away from my left elbow and whisper to the other adults, “Let her continue!  She’s being quiet and she seems content!”

(Thanks!  I am.)