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My Most Exciting News of the Spring! Partnering with Carefresh

Friday, April 30th, 2010


I am starting a writing assignment with Carefresh.  If you know me, you know I am rodent-obsessed and I LOVE Carefresh bedding!

I don’t know how to compare this to what normal people would get excited about…if you have analogies, let me know!  Amanda meeting Miley Cyrus…on a horse?  Abby getting a pet monkey?  Russ meeting Bob the Builder?  (Just kidding, Russ…sort of.)

I will keep you updated!  I am so excited!

(That’s my Baby Wuzzy Rat two years ago.  Could she BE any cuter??)

May 4, 2010


My first assignment with CareFresh Complete is to give away a ton of pet food. Really. A literal ton. I love this job! : )

If you are with a Small Mammal Rescue Group, I will have a CASE of food sent to you!

If you have your own…

♥rabbit♥guinea pig♥chinchilla♥rat♥mouse♥gerbil♥hamster♥

let me know which and I will send you a voucher for a free 2# bag of Carefresh Complete food!

Woo!  Fun!  But I don’t know one thousand people, so tell your friends too.

June 3, 2010

The Ask-A-Vet section of the Carefresh Website is up and running!