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Monday, March 8th, 2010

Here is a working list of stuff I have written located places OTHER THAN RileyandJames

Life With Dogs – weekly health column

AVMA Website Pet Owner Information (group brainstorming and editing)

dvm360 Website

Veterinary Economics Journal

  • Conflict Resolution, December 2010
  • A picture in reference to Liz Marsh’s February 2011 Firstline article, “5 Top Veterinary Blogs” which included Riley and James, March 2011
  • Do Pets Mourn? May 2011
  • Veterinary Pen Holder, June 2011

Firstline Veterinary Technician Journal

CareFRESH Website

      Banfield Journal

      The Wagging Tail Blog

      Sit and Stay Blog

        Dancing Dog Blog

        Dawg Business Blog

        #dogtalk (now #barkoutloud)

          Shadow Lake Towne Center Newsletter

          • Monthly Pet Tips since May 2010 (Also on the Banfield, The Pet Hospital of Papillion facebook page)

          Dog Time

          • This site has a copy of all of the blog entries here at Riley and James.

          Pug Partners of Nebraska

          • A 2010 series on Pug Health for new adoptive families – also published on Riley and James

          What I am Doing This Week: Celebrating My Birthday!

          Saturday, February 6th, 2010
          This week, I am writing Part 2 of “My Rat, Wuzzy” for  I also celebrated my birthday!

           Here is the great cake Abby Vadnais made for Rhonda Eckermann and me last year.  The one my daughter is making me today will be equally awesome, I am sure.  But I just like this picture because it is a fun memory of a good day with my former co-workers.  I went in to see them this year on my and Rhonda’s birthday, and I was so glad I did.  I miss you guys!  Good to see you!

          Happy Birthday Rhonda!!
          And from the rest of this post, you will know that I am also taking more breaks than perhaps I should.  But I don’t want you to miss these great links!  Enjoy!
          My Favorite Birthday Songs This Year:
          Older by They Might Be Giants
          You Say It’s Your Birthday by The Beatles
          Today, these are my three favorite creative representations of
          The Noble Profession of Veterinary Medicine:

          Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps-Veggie Tails Yes, I do know all the words.  I have for a decade!

          Barbie Vet – The rest of Pawcurious is also an awesome website!
          Dr. V is very nice and has good information in with her stories.

          And yesterday’s very fun find…Dr. Israeli’s veterinary comic strip

          I promise there will be more information soon relevant to the care of our pets!  What has been on my mind most lately is vaccinations and pet food.  Stick around.  I will get out of Birthday Mode and into Serious Veterinarian Mode…but maybe not today!

          February 9, 2010

          Part 2 of Wuzzy’s story is published at!

          And I wrote a guest post on Mary Haight’s website, Dancing Dog Blog about Debarking!

          “How Would You Like to be Debarked?  A Vet Speaks Up”

          (Guess which side I am firmly on!)

          Have a great week!

          What I am Doing This Week: Becoming Educated and Starting Great Projects with Great People

          Monday, February 1st, 2010

          Yesterday was an excellent continuing education meeting at Nebraska Humane Society on vaccines.  It was taught by Richard B. Ford, DVM, MS, ACVIM, ACVPM, Professor Emeritus, North Carolina State University.  More on that soon.  I am still processing, but pretty happy that I have kept up with the best of the field in my vaccine recommendations.

          Today, I commented on a very well written and well thought out article by Mary E Haight, on her website, Dancing Dog Blog“Pet Food Industry & Vets: Undue Influence?”

          I thought maybe Mary would let me leave a second comment, but, even better, we will be working together on a “Guest Post” by me on Dancing Dog Blog soon!  Thanks Mary!!  I will put a link to it here.

          My very BEST news of the week is SO FAR SO GOOD on Wuzzy Rat.  That’ll be the subject of the second article on my NEW COLUMN at, .  The first article is kind of Part One of the Story of Wuzzy, including the medical issues she is struggling with this week.  Even I, the craziest of rat lovers, am surprised at the different ways and different levels on which my sweet little rat’s story has touched so many different people.

          When a company says, “Would you consider writing with us?” and you say “My rat is really sick this week.  Let me process that and then help you start a veterinary information blog, ” and THEY do THIS

          I will support them forever and thank them for being so kind.

          (Dear, thank you.)