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Blogathon 2010 – Go Big Red!

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

What is the most important thing going on right now?  The Blogathon! What does all of Nebraska think is student writing paper the most important thing going on right now?  KICKOFF!


I grew up in Nebraska so my blood is Husker red, as it should be.  I LOVE football season.  I LOVE getting together with our family for game day.  I LOVE the snacks, I even love the fuzzy AM radio commentary in the background.  Most of all, I love the grey Nebraska sweatshirt that Dad bought me twenty years ago right before I started college at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Even though I yell about the importance of our state flag and state history every time we drive past a bank flying a big red “N” flag instead of the proper state flag with our official state seal, I secretly even kind of love that.

The Official Flag of the Great State of Nebraska

Nebraska Huskers Flag

The Actual Flag that is Flown in the Great State of Nebraska


I have a confession though.  (Looking around…Oh good, they are all focused on kickoff.)  *whispering*  I do not like football. During prevet at University of Nebraska at Lincoln, I went to ONE SINGLE football game and just about died of boredom.

When Nebraska (my prevet school) played Iowa State (my vet school), all the Finches and all the Nelsons and all the Babcocks came to Ames, Iowa and went to the game together, and I LOVED that day, because of the friends and family part.  I do not even remember who won, though I assume Nebraska did – Iowa State should stick to training vets…and engineers and stuff.

At least when the game is on TV, I am in a comfy living room or Jones’ garage, surrounded by people I love and tables of great snacks.  I love everything about Husker football…except the game itself.

I will be right back after I hide my Nebraska Citizen Card.  When this gets out, They are going to try to revoke it.

So ENOUGH about football.  In honor of kickoff, I thought for this post we could talk about…

Pets Named Husker!

In Littleton, Colorado I had an adorable West Highland White Terrier patient named Husker.  There are quite a few Husker fans in Colorado, which I enjoyed.  I felt less homesick surrounded by Nebraska folks.  Eventually being surrounded by Husker fans and spending time with Husker the Westie once or twice a year was not enough, and we moved home to Nebraska.

While epidemiology studies and obesity studies and such are all kind of neat, THE BEST thing about the national Banfield database is the ability to learn how many Banfield patients are named Husker. The grand total is…418!  Thirty-three of the fifty states have Banfield patients named Husker.  Colorado leads with 74.  Next is Texas with 51 and Arizona with 43.  Nebraska is FOURTH with 36!

At the practice I am at now we have one cat named Husker, three dogs named Husker and one hedgehog named Husker Hedgehog.  I have quite a few Bo patients, though I doubt they are named after THE Bo, it’s just a cute retriever name (and a cute presidential dog name).  I do not have any Tom patients, but that is not such a great pet name.  Maybe for a cat, but even then, if you want a plain old cat name, Max, of course, is much better.

Max the Cat cares as much about football as I do.

Clicking here will bring you to the webpage with information about Bradyn and an opportunity to donate towards the training of his service dog from 4 Paws for Ability. ♥