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The Goldfish Swam In

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

I did not mean to let it happen.

No more pets.  Ever.  That was mine and my husband’s rigid decree.  Our rodent corner is empty.  Our fish bowls and terrariums are long gone.  Even the butterfly habitat is empty.  Our huge, huge dog beds are missing the great big lovable mutt that took up most of both of them.  Joy the Puppy and Noodle the Poodle curl up in tiny sad circles in the middle of each.  Max the Cat is the only one who thinks we are finally down to a sane number of pets…or we would be if we got rid of those dogs.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

Proverbs 4:23

We have decided to not be hurt any more.  We have stood strong through pleas (and offers) for kittens, puppies, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils.  No more.  Ever.

Today I got a call from Dad who had taken our daughters on a quick errand to PetSmart for wild birdseed and pond fish.  “The girls want to keep one of these fish, but we didn’t get food or bowls.  We’ll be home in three minutes.  Figure it out.”

No!  Dad!  *sigh*  Maybe.

I can do a fish…I love goldfish.  The girls are old enough to feed a fish and clean a fish bowl.  We had Dexter Goldfish for four years.  He was awesome.  They come when called, better than Joy the Puppy ever has…

The girls came rushing in happier than I have seen them in months.  My Mom loaned them a fish bowl (that I believe I had given to Mom when we said “No more pets!”)  I told the girls to pick the smallest fish.  Yeah, goldfish should have a tank and bubbler and filter (or a pond, Dad!) but I was three minutes in and was flailing.  I figured a little guy would do the best in a gallon bowl until we could get him settled in and all.  I just wanted to get him home and figure out what happened to my “no more pets” ultimatum.

Turns out they each wanted their own pet, one for each kid, one for each bedroom.  The goldfish are looking at me now.  They are super cute.  Their names are Bubbles and Yellow Jello.

Guarding your heart does not mean building a high, high wall around it that no one or nothing can get past.  Everyone knows that.  Even me.  I tried to do that anyways, and two little goldfish swam in.

Thank you Dad. Yes, I am having a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I say these little guys are the only exceptions to “No More Pets” for the rest of my years.  Others may say that it’s a start…Regardless, for today at least, what harm can it do to let two little goldfish swim in?