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One More Reason I Will Never Stop Telling You How Awesome My Fellow Veterinarians Are

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

I realize I may be creating a guinea pig vortex, with no opportunity for us to escape, by linking to a Piggy-post about a Piggy-post, but it is a risk I am willing to take to tell you what a nice thing Dr. Patrick Mahaney has done.  And really, would a guinea pig vortex be so bad?  I think it sounds kind of fun.

I also want to say how great you all have been in supporting us through the recent loss of Piggy the guinea pig.  I really appreciate the circle of veterinarians and Normal People I have been blessed to get to know here.

Dr. Mahaney has a great veterinary website that his dog Cardiff helps him with.  I will not tell you my favorite part, because I think you should go look around the entire website and not miss any of it.  (You are right!  My favorite part is Cardiff’s Blog.  That dog is super cute.)

Yesterday Dr. Mahaney dedicated a post to Piggy.  I realized things are turning a corner for me a bit when it made me smile and not cry.

Thank you Dr. Mahaney!  I think you are great.

Memorial for Piggy the Guinea Pig

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

You already know to keep your pets safe from scary, scary trick-or-treaters and even scarier Halloween candy.  And you know not to dress up a dog or cat or guinea pig with any objections to the celebration of Halloween, moral or otherwise.*

So instead of a list of pet safety tips, I present you with…The cutest set of Dominoes you will ever see in your whole entire life ever.

*Max the Cat decided to sit this one out.  He would not have matched the set anyways.

Piggy is the zero-zero Domino!  Ha!  I sprayed a quick (non-toxic!) line, snapped a picture and gave him a quick piggy bath.  He was mildly offended, and I was regretting involving him at even that five second level (we both were) until he saw his handful of cornflakes reward.  He is SO on board for participating in Halloween 2011!

Next up, Noodle the Poodle.  He was less inclined to be bribed by food, but was a relatively good sport non-the-less.  He was one-two, but did not want to show his whole costume.  Cute butt though, huh?

Joy the Puppy!

Joy and Ebony…Russ thought we should have them lay down at right angles for a picture (you know, like in a real Domino game…)  I thought they were doing well to lay on the same blanket at the same time without wandering off!

And the (almost) complete set!  By this time, Piggy was already back home happily eating his cornflakes, scruff still damp and sticking straight up.  I’d include a picture of that cuteness, but as you know, I have a difficult time getting good photos of our black pets.  I would say the morning went remarkably well.

Good job Dominoes!


My Most Exciting News of the Spring! Partnering with Carefresh

Friday, April 30th, 2010


I am starting a writing assignment with Carefresh.  If you know me, you know I am rodent-obsessed and I LOVE Carefresh bedding!

I don’t know how to compare this to what normal people would get excited about…if you have analogies, let me know!  Amanda meeting Miley Cyrus…on a horse?  Abby getting a pet monkey?  Russ meeting Bob the Builder?  (Just kidding, Russ…sort of.)

I will keep you updated!  I am so excited!

(That’s my Baby Wuzzy Rat two years ago.  Could she BE any cuter??)

May 4, 2010


My first assignment with CareFresh Complete is to give away a ton of pet food. Really. A literal ton. I love this job! : )

If you are with a Small Mammal Rescue Group, I will have a CASE of food sent to you!

If you have your own…

♥rabbit♥guinea pig♥chinchilla♥rat♥mouse♥gerbil♥hamster♥

let me know which and I will send you a voucher for a free 2# bag of Carefresh Complete food!

Woo!  Fun!  But I don’t know one thousand people, so tell your friends too.

June 3, 2010

The Ask-A-Vet section of the Carefresh Website is up and running!