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What I am Doing This Week: Attending Camp Kindness, Taking Rat Pictures

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

This week I spoke at Camp Kindness, a day camp for kids at Nebraska Humane Society.  I love doing it!  This is my third summer visiting Camp Kindness with my Hairless Dumbo Rex rats, Fuzzy and Wuzzy.  I told the leaders of Camp Kindness that they are stuck with me and I will show up every summer whether they ask me to or not!  Ha!

Being such an introvert, it is SUCH an exhausting day.  I am not normally much of a public speaker, preferring to educate pet owners either in writing or one-on-one in the exam room, and even that does not come easily.  But I love people and pets SO MUCH and maintaining and restoring pet health is so important to me, that it is all very rewarding.  Anyways, enough of my blah-blahing, on to what you probably came for:  PICTURES OF FUZZY AND WUZZY!!!

And a couple of Josie, the super cute, super sweet therapy dog!
She looks a little like our Ebony Dog, and the rats just love her!
Thank you to Nebraska Humane Society and the Camp Kindness team for making this such a special event!  And thank you and Carefresh for the fun reading material for the kids!