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Most of my Friends are Real

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Last weekend our family took a road trip to the Kansas City area for a Oxbow Animal Health sponsored small mammal veterinary conference.

Is there anything about that sentence that you do NOT love??  ME NEITHER!!

Story #1

We arrived at the Crown Center Mall, and I remembered that it was Christmas time in Kansas City and remembered also that I do not like being crowded.  So Russ, having been in that exact situation with me many times (me whispering, “I didn’t realize it would be so crowded, and I just remembered I don’t like being crowded!”) directed us to the one uncrowded corner of the entire mall, which had this awesome gingerbread village in it!

How was that spot not crowded??  It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen!  I said as much on Facebook, and Brendan Howard, who I think lives somewhere near the gingerbread village but was in California bossing people at The Central Veterinary Conference, said, “Why are you visiting KC when I am not there?” even though he had JUST done that to ME by visiting Omaha over Thanksgiving when I was not home.  I said I would stand still while we tried to end up in the same city, but I got distracted by the Crayola Store and wandered off.  It happens.  Also, I got a new coloring book.

Story #2

That evening, our family went to dinner with Dr. JC Burcham and her family.  Dr. Burcham is a veterinarian at Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center, and we have been friends online for a few years.  We both like writing, reading and pets, including the weird ones, so that has been fun.  I finally got to meet my friend, who up until that very moment, I had no proof was even real.  She is.  And as nice as I suspected.  So is her family.  THAT was my favorite part of the whole trip.

Story #3

I was drunk with the anticipation of our next adventure.  I had not actually had any alcohol at dinner, but we had just spent the evening with wonderful people, there was a tiny bit of snow swirling in the parking lot outside of the restaurant and we were going to look at CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!  That combination has the same effect on me as alcohol.

So I was in a pretty good mood and feeling a bit more extroverted than normal when we came to a yard filled completely with PENGUINS.  I HAD to show my brother.  I HAD to show the author of the awesome blog, I Miss You When I Blink.  So I did.

And SHE asked, “Do you know anyone who would be a good date for Liam?” perhaps assuming from my pictures that I knew hundreds of penguins, which I actually do not.  But I found this cute penguin, and from what I have heard, she and Liam may hit it off.


If you are keeping track, Story #3 includes:  my brother Dave, who I know is real, the wildly creative author of a very fun blog, who I assume is real but cannot prove, a cartoon penguin and a real penguin, who may or may not be dating.  Most of my friends, as far as I know, are real.

Story #4

Sunday Russ and the girls went shopping and I did the OPPOSITE of shopping on the fun scale, went to the Oxbow Animal Health small mammal veterinary conference.  In case you are not as in love with guinea pigs and bunnies and things as I am, and as out of love with shopping as I am, I will say that I got the good side of the fun scale.  Our girls think they did because they were shopping with Dad all day.  Russ knows that he did not.  hahaha

Dr. JC Burcham and I got to sit together at the meeting.  I tweeted things like “I am with Dr. Burcham at this conference!” and drew cartoons of hamsters with IV catheters, which one of the presenters said was actually possible, and I found amusing, and JC learned important things.  So between us, we picked up some good information.

I met some other veterinarians and caught up with Dr. Micah Kohles, the Oxbow veterinarian, and got to say hi to the other two Omaha veterinarians there.  You would think there would be one hundred twenty Omaha veterinarians there, wouldn’t you?  They were talking about bunnies for goodness’ sake!  Weird.  But nonetheless, very, very fun.

All in all, my favorite weekend of the Christmas season so far.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

May your life be filled to the top with friends of every kind.

What I am Doing This Week: Spending Time With My Rodent Friends

Monday, January 25th, 2010

What I am doing this week is allowing all of my highs and lows to be determined solely on the basis of how the rodents in my life are faring.  Which, if you know me you know, is not unusual.  It just seems that this week, the highs have been especially high, and the lows have been especially low.

First of all, we found out this weekend that our Wuzzy Rat may have a serious illness.  I am still processing it.  And I don’t even know the whole story, just the beginning of it.  However, when I do, I will tell you about it here and maybe on the blog of the awesome website I am now also working with,

(I don’t know, is there a hairless rat blog section on

I will let you know as soon as I know more how she is doing and would appreciate your prayers for Wuzzy.

The good news this week is that starting in the spring, Petsmarts across the country will be carrying Oxbow Vitamin C tablets!! I have been discussing this the past few months with one of Petsmart’s veterinarians who oversees pet care nationally.  I have been asking if they would carry Oxbow Vitamin C 50 mg tablets and telling them why I think it is so important, and for such a large company, they responded amazingly fast.  I thought from the start that it was so kind of them to listen.  I know there were other pet lovers involved in their decision, but from here it feels like I said “Please?” and they said “Your opinion is valid” and more importantly, “yes.”



And in keeping with our rodent theme, here is the “note” I left my friend Jenn yesterday at church…

January 25, 2010  Jennifer VanCleve is my awesome friend who runs Westwood Church’s Preschool Program.  She asked me yesterday to check if her guinea pig Peanut was pregnant.  (She had accidently been left with a male guinea pig at a preschooler’s home.)  She was not.

January 29, 2010 Yes, now there is really is a hairless rat blog section on!  I was kidding about having a hairless rat blog section!  You guys are awesome!  It will be called The Wuzzy Chronicles.  Wuzzy’s first article is up now.  YAY!  I am so excited about this new project!

Talk about an emotional rodent week…while Wuzzy Rat is still not out of the woods health-wise, I just heard today that another Rat Friend, Jack the Rat, has passed away.  He was one of my very favorite patients, and the sweetest pet.  RIP buddy.  You will be dearly missed.