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Blogathon 2010 – Speaking for Spot

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

(I cropped out the oil painting of the smoking clown that is on the wall next to this clock.  Because I love you guys.)

Speaking for Spot

by Nancy Kay, DVM, Specialist, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Five Stars!


I took a twenty-four hour break from reading books so I could do this crazy Blogathon!  Most of the books I have been reviewing have been from the Veterinary Economics Summer Reading List.  I have thrown other fun ones in now and then too as I have come across them!As you may have heard, I will only review books to which I can give five stars.  I speed-read the second half of Speaking for Spot this week so I could tell you about it tonight – I knew from the moment Jana Rade recommended it (thanks Jana!) that I would love it.  Maybe I should quit apologizing for judging books by their cover, and we could change the saying to “Always judge a book by its cover.”  I have not steered you wrong yet, have I?

I have never seen a book anything like this one.  It is a guide to help you be the best advocate for your dog’s health that you can be.  If I saw a client come into my office with this book under their arm, I think I would want to hug her.  (Do not worry if you were planning on doing just that – I will restrain myself.)  I LOVE when clients are proactive about the care of their pets.  Most are – this is going to help you be even more so!

Get this book now, before you are in a medical crisis – you can read it with your pup on your lap in your big comfy chair.  You will be SO prepared when a medical situation comes up that you do not know how to handle.  It even covers “routine” situations like wellness exams and vaccinations.  I really think every pet owner ought to have this book.

(Side note:  Illustrations by Beth Preston – Five Stars! ✩✩✩✩✩  I LOVE the pictures!  I wish I knew the illustrator – I would give her every single new notebook and sketchbook I bought and commision her to “hide” some dog sketches here and there.  It would make me happy every time I saw them. *sigh*)

If you buy this book during the Blogathon, Dr. Kay will donate five dollars from the purchace price to Bradyn’s service dog AND autograph your book.  Thank you Dr. Kay!  Here’s the LINK.

(Note 11/27/10 THANK YOU for buying this awesome book during the Blogathon and simultaneously supporting Bradyn!  A donation has been made to 4 Paws for Ability because of your awesomeness.)

Yes?  You in the front?  In the mitten box?  I do not know.  I will ask.  Dr. Kay?  Max the Cat would like to know if you have a “Speaking for Max” book planned.

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Let Blogathon 2010 Begin!

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Dr. V, who has one of my FAVORITE veterinary websites ever (Pawcurious, of course!), invited other bloggers to join her on her second annual Blogathon.  So several other highly-caffinated pet lovers and I will be blogging once an hour for the next twenty-four hours in order to raise money to train a service dog for Bradyn.  Read more about Bradyn on his Mom’s website here.You know how random I can be, so when I spin completely off topic in this next twenty-four hours, remember that the purpose of this Blogathon is to raise money to train a service dog for Bradyn!

Click here to donate!

So please donate, tell your friends, follow along and comment on all the participating blogs, write a guest post so we can go grab another coffee…whatever you would like to do to participate!

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And pay attention to these participating Awesomes:



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Thank you to for spreading the word!

Music on Riley and James for the next twenty-four hours is provided by the awesome Omaha band, Adelaide.  All of the songs are from their YET-TO-BE-RELEASED album, Find Me Love.  When Adam Trabold and I were planning this he said, “You don’t need us to perform live do you?”  Ha!  Hey Adam!  Russ and I figured out how to get recordings to play on the site!  You are welcome! :)

Donations in Memory or Honor of Pets



If you would like to make a donation in memory or honor of a special pet, please tell me in the comment section of any of these posts or e-mail me at  Send me a paragraph or a page about your pet (It’s not like I will run out of paper!) and a picture of him or her.  When you do, I will feature them in a post within the next couple hours.

(Bradyn’s donation website is completely seperate from this one, so your memorial won’t be automatically linked to your donation and I will not have any way to know who donated what unless you tell me!  So please tell me if you have donated in honor or memory of a pet!)

Our Fuzzy Rat recently passed away.  She was an amazing little creature and best friend to Wuzzy Rat.  She made many friends at camps, schools, churches and daycares, and among all our friends and family, many of whom STOPPED saying “I’m just not a rat person.”  We love you Fuzzy Rat.  We miss you very much.  We have made a donation in honor of you…I think you would have liked that.

Please excuse the close up if you are not (yet) a rat person!  And to everyone else…Wasn’t she gorgeous??

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