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The Dogs of Summit County

Friday, June 17th, 2011

We have been on a family vacation in Summit County Colorado for the past week. We are heading home Saturday. *sniff*

SO not ready to leave our Nelson family. Some are in Ohio and the rest of us are in Omaha. Even so, I still wish we all had more time like we have had this past week to just BE together. *sigh*

We do miss Omaha and our friends and the rest of our family! Here is the list of the dogs who have graciously stepped in for Joy the Puppy and Noodle the Poodle and Max the Cat to make our week full of amazing and beautiful pets. Thank you awesome doggies!

♥ Tiny Poodle in a backpack ♥ Long-legged Dachshund mix ♥ Boxer mix ♥ Boston Terrier ♥ Schnauzer ♥ 2 German Shepherd mixes ♥ Wheaton Terrier puppy named Myro with a dandelion necklace and headband (three way tie with Charlie Boy and Olive Girl for THE cutest thing I have seen all week!) ♥ English Bulldog who was in such great shape he almost looked like an American Bulldog – crazy! ♥ “Normal” English Bulldog ♥ 5 Golden Retriever mixes ♥ 9 Golden Retrievers including a Golden Retriever puppy *sigh* :) ♥ Lab Boxer mix who looked like my Raisin-in-law and came right up on our deck to say “hi” ♥ 2 Miniature Poodles ♥ Schnoodle ♥ Chow-Chow in a Breckenridge shop ♥ Chow-Chow out and about ♥ Australian Shepherd in a Breckenridge shop ♥ 2 Australian Shepherds out and about ♥ 2 Australian Herding dogs ♥ Weimaraner ♥ Pomeranian ♥ Fox Terrier ♥ Chihuahua X Pomeranian ♥ Lhasa Apso mix ♥ Doberman Puppy ♥ 2 Boxers ♥ Lilly the super-cute Chihuahua X Terrier with a “Caution – I Bite” harness in For Pet’s Sake Thrift Shop in Breckenridge ♥ Long Haired Chihuahua ♥ Standard Poodle ♥ Pug ♥ 3 Small Mutts ♥ 1 Medium Mutt ♥ 1 Big Mutt ♥ 2 German Shepherds ♥ 2 Old English Sheepdogs ♥ 1 Husky in a Breckenridge store ♥ 5 Huskies out and about ♥ Pomeranian mix ♥ Bichon Frise ♥ 3 Yellow Labs ♥ Yellow Lab mix ♥ 2 Border Collie mixes ♥ Greyhound ♥ Swiss Mountain Dog ♥ Yellow Husky mix ♥ 5 Black Labs ♥ Black lab mix who did not look anything like Ebony but reminded me of her so much she made me cry ♥ Chocolate Doberman mix ♥ Bishon mix ♥ 2 Pit Bulls ♥ 2 Chocolate Labs ♥ 2 Collies ♥ Dalmatian ♥ Short Haired Chihuahua ♥


Myro the Wheaton Pup



Lilly the Chihuahua X Terrier

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

We are on vacation this week with my parents and brothers and families in Summit County Colorado. Any time I get to spend with my family is my favorite time ever, and this week is no exception!

We’ve been taking pictures of Colorado “animals” so I thought I would share those with you…Happy Wednesday!