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Veterinary Pen Holder

Monday, June 6th, 2011

I was helping take out trash at work the other day, when, for the first time ever, I noticed that empty blood vial containers look really cool.  Instead of recycling the one I found (I mean, like normal people recycle!) I took it home and wrapped it in wrapping paper, and now I hold my Sharpies in it.  It is my favorite pen holder ever.

It is super easy to make a veterinary pen holder…

1.  If you work in a veterinary hospital, go dumpster diving in your recycling container and find a test tube or blood vial holder.  Note:  The dividers in the boxes that hold purple top tubes will be too narrow to hold Sharpies or big highlighters, but will be fine for regular pens.  The one in the picture held red top tubes.

Also, if you dumpster dive in front of your boss, she may assume you are doing so out of necessity, not to make a Super Awesome Veterinary Pen Holder, and may give you a Pity Raise.  This is not as cool as a Merit Raise, but hey, it is something!

If you do NOT work in a veterinary hospital or other medical facility, ask your pets’ veterinary team to set aside a blood vial box or test tube box for you.  They may not have one to give you right away, but probably will not mind saving one for you!

2.  Gather your favorite wrapping paper, stickers (Secret Penguin stickers are the best!), clear wrapping tape (narrow), clear packing tape (wide) and scissors.

3.  Take the cardboard divider out of the box.

4.  Wrap the box like a present, tucking the edges of the wrapping paper into the top of the box.  Tape all of the loose edges with the narrow tape.

5.  Tape the four top edges of the box with the wide tape to reinforce it.

6.  Decorate the box with stickers (or whatever!) and put the cardboard divider back into the box.

7.  Add pens.

8.  Take a picture and send me a link to it!

9.  Make a pen holder for your favorite veterinary team to say THANK YOU for letting you dumpster dive/humoring your odd request.  They will probably get a kick out of it!