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And a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss…you will be floating in space…the closest star is Proxima Centauri and it’s 4.2 light years away. So you might be ‘among’ Proxima in about 1 million years. But then you are only among a single star. It’s not possible to be among multiple stars because they are so far apart from one another. -Alex Krasny


This time around, coming up with New Year’s Resolutions has been difficult.

I’ve got Prove the Cute Vet Wrong in 2013, but you knew that one.  I thought only Dad and Russ knew that the best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t.  Even before this article came out – which I actually think is very, very good – I have had an all consuming obsession with the Gentle Doctor blog-to-be.  I have a year’s worth of weekly posts written.  Oh yeah, I am crazy.  In a good way.

On a related subject (online work projects) I would like to continue to manage and grow Gentle Doctor’s Twitter presence with the help of Dr. Krapfl and Angie and our new Breed of the Month thing.

Also, I meant to lose a Standard Poodle in 2012, and I lost a medium sized Poodle mix, which is still something.  So, next year, I would like to regroup, refocus and lose another medium sized Poodle mix!

3000 more followers on Twitter.  I don’t talk about follower count on Twitter much.  First of all, it isn’t up to me, it’s up to you.  And second of all, it seems like shouting about it would ruin things, and NOT shouting would allow things to keep going well, like being really quiet when you see a butterfly, and now I am in a beautiful swarm.  Only I do not know if butterflies have ears.

It is a common misconception that veterinarians know every little thing like that about every animal.  Mostly we know about dogs.  (Kidding!  Mostly.)

I do know that I am only “ahead” of the next veterinarian/hospital on Twitter by a couple thousand followers, and if we were a comic they would be my arch enemy, and they advertise like crazy for followers, and so that’s fun for me.  Even so, if I only had the tiniest group of friends on Twitter, and you were in that group, it would be as fun for me as it is now.

I have loved working with the dvm360 team, and would love to do more writing projects together.  That breaks about 60% of the S-M-A-R-T goal setting rules, but there it is.  It is what I want, even if I am not sure what it is yet!

Same goes for the Square Foot Gardening team.

There’s Penelope Dog. She will be in the December 2013 Veterinary Economics edition, so there’s that.  That matches up better to specific, measurable and all that, huh?

Penelope, we love your face!

Here’s another nebulous goal – continued success at work.

And another – continued healing.  Oo that’s kind of serious.  Things are good and getting better.

Family time.

Garden time.

Poodle time.

And cat and puppy time…This will be the Year of the Old Pet.  Joy the Puppy is only three, and just needs a disproportionate amount of attention.  Max the Cat (16) and Noodle the Poodle (13) though are really starting to show their age, and just are going to need lots more care than before, if things continue to move in the direction they are.  Stupid mortality.  Actually they are doing quite well.  We have a carpenter to build ramps all over and a vet to fret over their health and kids to help with pet care.  We should be set!

I hope 2013 is the best year yet for you and your family!

Happy New Year!!

My Personal Twitter Policy

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

I saw this post regarding a personal twitter policy and thought it was very cool.  It was very kind of Brent Pohlman and Josh Whitford and before them, Klaus Holzapfel, to share this great idea.

So…Here is My Personal Twitter Policy.  I am not a social media genius like these guys.  I am a Mom and a vet.  I am not a guy like these guys…I am a girl.  And I am me.  So it will be different.  Also, I think I will call it something exciting.  Check out their personal twitter policies too!  They are great!


Twitter Secrets – Revealed!

Haha, just kidding.  That is my exciting title for what is actually…

My Personal Twitter Policy

My Twitter Goals

  • to promote veterinary preventative care, pet welfare and retention of pets in families
  • to interact and build relationships with Awesomes (you)
  • fun
  • Here’s a link to my twitter beginnings…Twitter for Veterinarians. When I started, I had no clear goals, I was just doing what Secret Penguin told me to do.


Same as my Real Life personal and professional confidentiality policy:


If you specifically say I can share your pet’s medical case or picture  or a personal story, or ask me to, I will.  Otherwise, I will not.  You can always trust me to be a scandal/gossip/great story/confidential information dead end.

Subject of Postings

Pets.  Links to pet and medical stuff.  Kids.  Family and friends.  Things I notice.  Things that amuse me.  Random things.  Omaha stuff.  I am not one of those super focused, serious, professional veterinarians…on twitter, I mean.  In Real Life, I totally am.


I LOVE talking to people on twitter!  If a tweet is started with @ it is only seen in the twitter stream of that person and people you both follow.  So, everyone else does not have to “hear” every single thing you say (but can – it is not private like DM’s are), but friends who may be interested or want to jump in to the conversation are able to.

I try not to curse or say crabby stuff, or say anything online that would reflect poorly on myself or groups I represent (, my home veterinary hospital, Banfield, CareFRESH, my family, my church, God Himself…).

If I have a concern about a company, I tell them in a DM (direct message).  If I have a praise about a company, I say it “outloud” in a tweet to everyone.  If I need to tell a particularly hilarious joke that should not be said out loud, I tell Russ in Real Life…when no children are present.

Me Following You

I follow EVERYONE who has followed me.  (See, now would be the time for a super funny joke I will only tell Russ.)  I block accounts with profane pictures or tweets.  I do not follow anyone that has an egg avatar and has never tweeted.  Even bots have a place on twitter though.  The one bot I follow on purpose is @unfollowr.  AND there is a Real Person behind that account.  His name is Ian.

I only unfollow people that Ian says have unfollowed me – just to keep my follower/following ratio clean, not out of any sort of meanness.  It has kind of become a game.  I love it.

You Following Me

I link to blog posts I write, and I post pet information I think is fun or interesting.  If my puppy scratches her ear, I will tweet that to you, perhaps even with a twitpic picture.  I will also tell you fun stuff that is happening in Omaha…or that my brothers are doing…or that interests me.  Kind of random.  So if any of that stuff interests you, you may like my tweets.

Always (I hope) friendly and postitive.  I try to usually tweet no more than five “outloud” tweets (tweets that do not start with @) a day, out of respect for the other tweeters in your twitter stream.

Monitoring Twitter

I have twitter open on my computer when I am at home writing.  So if you send a tweet containing @Finch93, I will always answer it, often in real time.

I check my timeline about once a day, but really only closely read tweets from my lists.  I try not to miss a tweet from my Hey I Know You list and also like to check friends on my other lists, most often Follow Friday.

I do not have twitter on my phone and do not ever check it at work.  I am obsessively in love with twitter and the people there and need those boundries so I can focus in Real Life.

Protected Postings

I understand why some people protect their twitter accounts.  I try to say only stuff I do not mind everyone reading, keep the detailed information about the kids to a minimum (though they are so super cute that that is difficult…luckily I am as neurotically overprotective as they are cute), and follow everyone and let everyone follow me.  So my tweets are not protected.  I do not follow people whose tweets are protected unless they have followed me first and I think they may be looking for more followers.  Then I knock really softly and stand back.


I think this policy template is awesome and I think everyone should post a personal twitter policy on their own website!  Feel free to copy.  If you go through this policy and post it on your site, please let me know.  I would like to see and learn how others view their use of twitter.

(Ironically, that whole uncopyright paragraph was copied word for word from Brent, as was this great template, which he copied from Josh, which he copied from Klaus.  Thank you guys!)





Social Media for Veterinary Professionals

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Social Media for Veterinary Professionals

Online Community, Reputation and Brand Management


Brenda Tassava, CVPM, CVJ

Five Stars!


I LOVE this book! For all the same wrong reasons that I love The Complete Cat’s Meow, it turns out…

I love the cover.  It is orange, pink, burgandy and brown…which you will not believe looks beautiful until you see it…

Social Media for Veterinary Professionals

It was written by Brenda Tassava, and she is great.  She is the Director of Operations for Broad Ripple Veterinary Management Solutions and practice manager for TWO veterinary practices and a dog-training facility and a daycare for fellow veterinary team members (How cool is that??)  in Indianapolis.

cialis canadian pharmacy

I am in the resource section as a veterinary professional to follow on twitter (@Finch93).  Woo!  You forgot to tell me that Brenda!  What a fun surprise!

And of course, I love this book for all the right reasons too…

I LOVE resources written especially for veterinary professionals, but I really think this book could have been called Social Media, as it is a great resource for any individual or business trying to start or progress in social media.

Second Edition Idea: Call the book Social Media.  When veterinary professionals say the title out loud (As we all will no doubt be doing as we tell everyone how great it is) we can pause for two beats as a nod to the author for originally writing it for us.  (Example:  “So I was studying Social Media……….. and thought this point was interesting.”  Then our friend can ask “Why the big pause?” and we can tell them that one joke…or tell them the truth –  that the book was originally written for veterinary professionals but was too good not to share.)

I have avoided buying any social media books as it seems by the very nature of social media that by the time a book is published, it would be outdated, not because of outdated content, but because social media changes so quickly.  This book acknowledges and overcomes this problem by describing concepts and ideas, not specific details on how <twitter> works right now, because all of us who use <twitter> know that that will change tomorrow.

I received the book in the mail as a gift from Brenda today (Thank you Brenda!  A Real Life handwritten note is on its way to you!) and read it from cover to cover this afternoon.  It is a quick, fun read.  I only paused to jump up at page 22 to grab my notebook and pen when I realized I should be writing down all of the great things I was learning!

My circles seem to consist mainly of pet lovers/experts and social media lovers/experts (with huge areas of overlap!) so please read this book, and then tell me what you think!  YES you can borrow my copy – heaven knows you have loaned me enough of your books!

I am SO tempted to tell you what I learned and how I plan on applying it, and I will, but I think that deserves its own post or series of posts.  For now I will say if you are on the internet (which you obviously are! :)) you NEED this book.  You will love it, and you will greatly benefit from its contents.

Bunny Trails: I will make sure I am following on facebook and twitter all of the veterinary professionals listed in the resourses sections of the book.  Since I started using twitter, one of my strange (and super fun and rewarding) habits has been collecting veterinarians.  I am also trying to figure out how to help my veterinary hospital thrive on facebook and have been observing other awesome hospitals as they do just that.  It will be fun to “meet” some new veterinary teams from Brenda’s lists.

I have four pages of action points written down after my first read through of the book.  I will keep you posted on how I apply what I have learned and am learning from Social Media for Veterinary Professionals.  I am excited to get started…I may even give Four Square another try. ;)

Happy Birthday Petfinder!

Monday, March 14th, 2011

March 15, 2011 is…

Adopt the Internet Day.

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

In honor of Petfinder’s fifteenth birthday, pet lovers/bloggers everywhere are spreading the word about adoptable pets.  Here are some fun ways you can help…

See full size image If you have a website, write a blog post about Adopt the Internet Day. Dedicate today’s Facebook status and picture to an adoptable pet from Petfinder.See full size image Adopt a pet!See full size image Share an adoptable Petfinder pet on twitter with the hashtag #adopttheinternet.

For more great ideas right from Petfinder, click the super-cute badge.  (Also, you can cut and paste the badge into your own blog post if you would like.)

Happy Birthday Petfinder!

May the next fifteen years bring you even closer to obsolete.

(I mean that in the nicest every-pet-has-a-forever-home sort of way!)

Thank you for being a Pet Saver on the grandest level.

See full size image

Also, just as important, today is my Mom-in-Law Karen’s birthday.


See full size image

Articles Originally Written for Veterinarians – Table of Contents

Monday, February 28th, 2011


Overcoming Team Conflict


Building a Best of the Best Clientele


A Dramatic Wellness Exam


Recommending a High Level Standard of Care


Effective Communication Stratagies


Self Evaluation


Changing Times


Twitter for Veterinarians


Year in Review:  2010 in Veterinary Medicine


Conflict Resolution

Click on the article title to get to the article itself.  I know it would be cooler if I did not actually mention this and just let people find this out for themselves, but I never claimed to be cool (quite the opposite)…

Every one of the ten articles has a Scrubs link in it that pertains to the article.


What I am Doing This Week: Dreaming

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

I just wrote a blog post for dvm360 at the invitation of Veterinary Economics Editor Kristi Reimer.  Ok, so it was not a direct invitation, it was the introduction to the June issue of Veterinary Economics, sort of a “Draw This Turtle” for veterinarians.

I opened my June Veterinary Economics and read it from cover to cover like I always do.  The last thing I read (It was on the front page – I read magazines and journals from back to front – I think it’s a lefty thing) made me space off and dream for the rest of my lunch break.  Kristi said (to me!) “We’re on the lookout for user-generated content.”

Earlier in the year, Charity, who I work for at Carefresh, suggested I write a list of every company I would like to write with.  I already have my dream Mom-Veterinarian-Writer career.  Really, could it get any better??

I write HERE (which I LOVE – thanks Dave!!) and for (which I also love – thanks Jordy and Morgan!), Banfield occasionally asks for my input for their blog and journal (Thanks Nina!) and I had just accidently landed my dream job with Carefresh (Thanks Charity and Tom!)  Was it even OK to dream bigger?

But I do everything Charity tells me to do.  So I started writing out my dream list.  And at the very top of my list was dvm360-Advanstar Communications.  They are the team behind most of my favorite veterinary journals.  I knew it was just a dream, but sometimes dreams can become Real Life.  And writing lists is fun.

Thank YOU for coming with me on this crazy (good-crazy) adventure.  It has been fun, hasn’t it? : )And look, they let me post this…

Twitter for Veterinarians

It had to be said – When the world of veterinary medicine (eighty thousand+ veterinarians) intersects with the world of twitter (six million+ tweeters), it is such an amazing thing.  It just is SO uncommon!  (Four hundred sixty-two veterinarians/hospitals on twitter by my count)  I wanted to make jumping into twitter easier for vets.  So I hope it does.  If you don’t see more veterinarians posting on twitter in the next month or so, assume they are, as always, busy preserving and saving lives, not that they are unable to figure out twitter, because now I hope they will be!

Follow Friday

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

People in Omaha I Admire:



adamtrabold Anniedoodlebugz

ArtisticWarfare artistsforhope BelAirFashions

Blisser BlueSushiOmaha

BluffsCPA brookelouree CBWOmaha

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DivaKatrina dpblack DundeeTheatre

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More Great People to Follow on twitter:

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Finch93/FirstCorinthiansElevenOne This is my favorite list title! #JustLookItUpBuddy

It’s WINTER and these guys are talking about GARDENS! YAY!

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Great Veterinarians:

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I am doing some writing projects with CareFRESH! I am so excited! I assume by writing, they mean with something other than a Sharpie, but maybe not. We will see.

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Theresa makes super cute guinea pig sleeping bags, and said I could share them with you!

Here they are!

Sugar Pig in her Piggy Bag

Lucy Pig in her Piggy Bag


ThisGoodThatBad ThroughADogsEar Tiny_TC

tombshopmom toriisadventure turtlelady81 2Minkies

Urban_Dog VetPerch Vetsweb VetTechLife vikkilong

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WillMyDogHateMe Check out Edie’s great book!

WisdomPanel wvterry

Check out this fun article in February 2010’s DVM magazine!

and this project:

then follow AmandaBrownDVM, webhill, phillipbarnes and WedgewoodPetRx



I may not be discriminating, but I do have excellent taste!

This is by no means an all-inclusive list of all of the wonderful people I know on twitter.

Here is the shortened link to this page:

The entire list is posted on twitter.

Have a wonderful week!


January 23, 2010

When I started writing this newsletter about twitter, I asked Russ, “How do I make sure that I don’t sound like a fourteen year old kid with too much time on her hands?”

I was still a bit wrapped up in the stereotypes about twitter.  Truth be told, I have completely fallen in love with the communication medium that is twitter.  I started tweeting in May 2009 at the recommendation of one of my two awesome brothers, and once I got my feet under me, really started enjoying it.

I have met veterinarians across the country and around the world.  I have met friends I may never have otherwise.  I have gathered a group of pet experts in one list and sometimes just watch them converse when I need to learn more about behavior and pets.  And if I have a question, everyone gathers to help me find the answer.  I LOVE twitter.  The only thing I love more than twitter is the great group of people I have met there.

I wanted a place to gather some of my favorite tweeters, so that when “Follow Friday” comes around, I am not overwhelming friends who don’t need their twitter stream taken over by the incredible list of awesome people I would recommend following.

If you have not yet been snagged by twitter, I hope you stick around the Riley and James Website for the actual pet information.  (“She’s strange, but she does have some good guinea pig information, I guess.”)  And if you, like me, have found twitter to be fun, informative, and a valid way to communicate with friends new and old, stop back by this post this coming Friday and every Friday.  You will love these guys.