Blogathon 2010 – Turtle Tips!

How’s everyone doing?  I assume all rational people have gone to bed hours ago.  Everyone that is here now is probably the bloggers who agreed to this in the first place.  And since half of us are veterinarians (Hi awesome women!  Hi Dr. Jed!) I have decided to dedicate this post to US!  And the other half of you crazy (equally awesome) bloggers and anyone else still awake…you may like this too…watching me weigh a turtle always makes my whole staff giggle.

So, to keep us going One More Hour, here is:


that is to say…


*Turtles like having the examination explained to them as you go.

*Turtles like to hear their name as much as dogs do.  They are just not as effusive in showing their joy.

*Turtles can often right themselves when they are upside down.  They do not want to do it just for your amusement though.  If you ask them to, it may hurt their feelings.

*To get a turtle to open his mouth for an oral exam, gently use a paperclip as a speculum at the very rostral tip of his mouth.

*To convince a turtle to pull his head or front legs out, gently pull on his back leg.

*There is no way you will ever successfully auscultate a turtle.  To assess the heart and lungs you are going to need radiographs.  The downside-client cost.  The upside-turtle xrays look really cool.

*Most turtles are very sweet.  If your patient is having a bad day (which he may be if he is there for illness or injury), hold him by the top and bottom of his shell or the very lateral left and right sides to avoid the snappy part and the clawing parts.

*To weigh a turtle, center him or her on a full preweighed pop can on a gram scale.

Myrtle the Turtle demonstrates how to weigh a turtle-my favorite turtle tip ever.  We were tired of having turtles dart off the scale and weighing them ten times, and did not want to scare them by weighing them on their backs.  Contrary to the fable, not all turtles are slow!  Even sickie-sick turtles can be speedy!  We tried this and it seems to work best for the turtles and the turtle weighers.  And it is fun.

And finally, not a tip, but a super cute picture of my kid saying “Look, Mom!  I’m a box turtle!”

Haha, my kid is hilarious! :D

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9 Responses to “Blogathon 2010 – Turtle Tips!”

  1. AboutVetMed says:

    Love it! Glad to know someone else is still up too. :)

  2. Dr V says:

    My favorite post yet!! LOLOL

  3. Laura Z says:

    I’m not a vet but I’m an avid turtle lover, esp. sea turtles and all I can say is WOW!! Very interesting information! Love the pic of the turtle sitting on the coke can, adorable!!

  4. admin says:

    heehee Thanks guys! Turtles just make me laugh, I don’t know why. I have always liked them!

  5. Love the photo of the turtle on the Coke can! great job with the Blogathon!

  6. admin says:

    Thanks Michelle! Great job on your end too! That was really fun :)

  7. Mary says:

    Ha! I’m just loving this post, Shawn! Excellent! And geez, I’ve learned something new…Wow… you really stuck your neck out for this one!

  8. admin says:

    heehee stuck my neck out :D I thought you would like this one Mary-Friend!

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