Stop! Turtle Time!

I promised that when we started getting loopy tired, I would start posting about turtles to keep us entertained.  I don’t know why that works, but it did last year, and turtles just amuse me.  I think they are awesome!

Here is one of the two turtles currently at Nebraska Humane Society looking for homes…

In Omaha turtle related news this week…

Man Arrested After Alligator, Drugs Found in Home on KETV News (I chose this rendition of the story because it includes mug shots.  Sorry.)

And finally, how great is this Turtle-Loving Zombie that Kol’s Mom found??  Who knew such a perfect clip would tie all of Blogpocalypse together??

Turtle Video on Kol’s Notes

Coming up next…Turtle Pain Chart

To donate to Nebraska Humane Society, please click here:

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Thank you!!



4 Responses to “Stop! Turtle Time!”

  1. […] Last year Shawn M. Finch, DVM of Riley and James posted about turtles at 2am when everyone started to get loopy. In turn, I created a turtle artwork. This year the tradition continues! […]

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I believe the turtle posted above is actually one of the turtles mentioned in the article!

  3. I like Tuhr-tles! (Oh my….still only 12:30 here…gonna be a loooooong night)

  4. Oh no! Zombies ate my turtle video :(

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